Spelling Bee - Save the Date


We are excited once again to begin the Spelling Bee Series at our schools in November.  Please know that our school spelling bees are through the National Scripps program and we must follow the rules set forth by the national program.  If your child would like a chance to participate in the Spelling Bee series, they must be present at school on November 14th to take the written test.  This test cannot be taken or changed to any other date, since it is part of the Scripps program and all tests must be administered on the same day to allow for equal and fair opportunity for all.  

Please note these other key dates in our Spelling Bee series:

November 14th 3rd to 5th grade written tests
December 12th School Spelling Bees to qualify for Regional at 1:30
January 18th District practice Spelling Bee for regionals at 5:30 (winners of this bee will receive trophies but do not proceed to regional, only school winners proceed to regional bee)
February 21st Regional Bee 6:00

We look forward to a great Spelling Bee season!